Facing brick Fagot

Factory “Fagot” is the first brick factory in Ukraine, which introduced the production of bricks by hyperpressing. A distinctive feature of the bricks and tiles produced at the factory is its high strength (more than 200 kgf/cm2), high level of frost resistance (100 cycles), geometric manufacturing accuracy, a wide range of offered textures, colors, shapes and sizes, as well as a wide range of production prices. (from inexpensive class “super economy” to prestigious – “elite”). All products of the Fagot brick factory are made from environmentally friendly natural raw materials, undergo heat treatment at high pressure (90 MPa) and have the properties of natural stone.

Product range of Fagot factory

The main product range of Fagot brick factory. Products are divided into several types, divided by size, type of texture, wall or fence brick. Has the widest range of colors.

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