Gazobeton GBZ-1

GBZ-1 Gazobeton

Aerated concrete blocks GBZ-1

The plant manufacturer of aerated concrete GBZ-1 is a fairly young enterprise, it was founded in 2010. Production started in early April 2011.

The GBZ-1 enterprise produces building aerated concrete wall blocks of autoclaved hardening on high-tech equipment manufactured by the German company Wehrhahn (Wöhrhahn is the world leader in the production of such equipment) and is a fully automatic, modern type of production.

The manufactured products of the plant are wall and partition blocks of aerated concrete of various configurations.

  The following is information about aerated concrete blocks. Its technical characteristics, dimensions, price and other information. Always glad to cooperate, ready to pay attention to each customer, quality service, timely delivery.

Aerated concrete blocks GBZ-1

Partition block D500 625x100x250

Price for 1 piece -.
In a cube – 64 pcs.
96 pieces per pallet

Partition block D500 625x150x250

Price for 1 piece –
In a cube – 42.67 pcs.
64 pieces per pallet

Wall blocks D400 625x300x200

Price for 1 piece –
In a cube – 26.67 pcs.
On a pallet 40 pcs.

Wall blocks D400 625x375x250

Price for 1 piece –
In a cube – 17.07 pcs.
On a pallet 24 pcs.

Wall blocks D400 625x400x250

Price for 1 piece –
In a cube – 16 pcs.
On a pallet 24 pcs.

Фотография Мешок с клеем для газобетона ГБЗ-1

Thin-layer adhesive for aerated concrete FORTEZZA, 25 kg

Designed for laying blocks of aerated concrete.

Price for 1 bag (25 kg.) –

Фото Приготовление клеевой смеси для газобетона
изображение Нанесение клея на газоблок
Фото Замес клеевой смеси для Газоблока
Фотография Клеевая смесь для газоблока

Wall blocks

We offer to buy wall blocks of various densities and sizes. The products are of high quality, as they are produced on advanced German equipment Wörhan.

Product Features

The gas block is one of the most popular building materials in the modern construction market. Despite its lightness and porous structure, it is very durable, due to which it is able to withstand significant mechanical loads. Walls made of aerated concrete blocks are strong and durable. The material is also known for its high thermal insulation qualities.

Applying blocks

The manufacturer recommends using wall aerated concrete blocks for the following tasks:

  • construction of full-fledged residential buildings, up to 5 floors;
  • construction of objects of small architectural form, for example, garages, summer kitchens, sheds, gazebos, etc.;
  • construction of buildings for industrial and agricultural purposes – warehouses, workshops, vegetable stores.

Wall blocks made of cellular concrete (aerated concrete) are easy to operate; special skills and lifting equipment are not required to work with them. With all its advantages, this material has an acceptable price for many consumer categories.

Characteristics of aerated concrete

The gas block, as a building material, is considered to be one of the most reliable and efficient. It has a number of obvious advantages:

  • structural strength and lightness;
  • durability;
  • excellent thermal insulation properties;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • resistance to fire, sudden changes in temperature and microorganisms;
  • the construction of a large structure is possible even with the involvement of one or two people;
  • susceptibility to mechanical processing.

Thanks to this, partitions made of aerated concrete blocks are strong, light, stable and warm. The increase in the load on the foundation is minimal.

Фотография Газобетонные длоки ГБЗ-1
Density of aerated concrete blocks500 kg/m3
Aerated concrete compressive strengthВ 2,5
Gas silicate blocks by thermal conductivity0.12 W/m
Gas blocks for vapor permeabilityµ 0.2 mg/(m-h-Pa)
Aerated concrete for frost resistance150 cycles