Ordinary brick

Lithos ordinary brick

Ordinary brick

Ordinary brick Lithos

Ordinary brick Lithos. Suitable for any kind of construction. Hollow ordinary brick for erecting walls, strength grade M 150. It can be used both in industrial construction and in private, capital construction. Suitable for high-rise construction in a monolithic concrete way.

Parameters of an ordinary brick Litos


  • Size 1 NF (250*120*65)

  • Strength grade M150

  • Water absorption 6-8%

  • Frost resistance F100

  • 336 pieces per pallet

Substandard brick and brick of the second grade.

Implementation of substandard and lower grade bricks.

Main parameters:
  1. Size – 250*120*65 mm.
  2. Strength grade M 150 – M 250
  3. Frost resistance 5-6%
  4. Moisture absorption 6-10%
  5. 336 pieces per pallet