Roofing material


Slate 8 wave standard

One of the popular roofing materials is slate. The popularity of slate is due to its low cost, ease of use and a wide range of uses. Slate is used in industrial construction, private developers will also use this material in a variety of household and individual buildings. Not infrequently, slate is used for arranging fences and fences.

Фото шифер 8-ми волновой

Slate Amvrosievsky 8 wave

The enterprise was founded in 2001, Tekhprom LLC is currently the leading enterprise for the production of fiber cement products, namely eight-wave slate. Production equipment and productivity: – technological line SM 1155, and for the production of corrugated slate CB 40/150-8-1750 (design capacity – 38 million conventional tiles); – technological line SMA 365 for the production of sheet corrugated slate SV 40/150-8-1750 (design capacity -43 million conventional tiles); – technological line SMA 256 for the production of 4-meter pipes (design capacity is 1200 km of standard pipes); – technological line for the production of fiber cement panels; – a line for painting flat cement sheets. The products of Tekhprom LLC are known far abroad and are distinguished by excellent physical and mechanical properties and excellent quality.

Characteristics of slate

Основные параметры 8-ми волнового шифера:

Length – 1750 мм.
Width  – 1130 мм.
Slate thickness – 5,8 мм.
Slate thickness – 5,2 мм.
Dimensions 1750x1130x5.2 mm weight of one sheet ~ 22.0 kg;
Dimensions 1750x1130x5.8 mm
weight of one sheet
~ 23.5 kg;
Thickness 5.8 mm. – 105 sheets per pallet.
Thickness 5.2 mm. – 115 sheets per pallet.

Materials used for the manufacture of slate:

Technical parameters of slate

  • Stamp concentrated load – at least 150 kgf (for 40/150 – any thickness. In other words, slate must withstand the weight of objects of 150 or 200 kg. You can walk quite freely on a slate roof during installation, at the stage of operation and possible subsequent repair. Large snow loads are also not terrible.
  • Density – an indicator at a level of at least 1.6 g / cm3 – for type 40/150; The higher the density, the higher the strength of the slate and its weight.
  • Bending strength – 16 MPa – for type 40/150;
  • Residual strength – noted at the level of 90%. This is the strength level of the damaged slate.
  • Water resistant – 24 hours.
  • Frost resistance – from 25 cycles These figures show the number of freeze and thaw cycles that do not lead to visible destruction of the slate.

Packaging and storage of slate in a warehouse

A pack of slate
Slate in a pack
Pallets with slate in the warehouse
Slate on a pallet

Manufacturing technology of 8-wave slate

Amvrosievsky slate 8-wave is made using chrysolite-asbestos fibers with the addition of cement and water.
Pulp preparation and extraction. The process takes place in specialized mixers. In which the initial components of the raw material is mixed equally with water. Then the special With a tool, such an amount of material is extracted from the prepared mass as is necessary for the production of one sheet. The design features of the extractor allow water to run off. After removing excess liquid, the prepared mixture is transferred to another production site. It is possible to form the required profile using the shaper. Residual water is removed using a vacuum pump. After that, the billet formed and passed the initial drying is placed in the presser. Here the remaining water and the initial hardening of the material are completely removed. The removed moisture can be reused. After the final curing of the product, the sheets are cut to the desired size. Excess trimming can be reused. This is followed by quality control and packaging with shipment to the consumer.