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Facing bricks, wall materials, paving slabs, dry mixes, roofing materials and much more.

Facing brick, an important component in the cladding of any building. the range of facing bricks is presented in the corresponding section.

Paving slabs decorate, protect and give a finished look to any building that involves its use. Vibropressed paving slabs and vibrocast in assortment.

The basis for the construction of any walls is wall building material. One of the advanced and progressive materials for building walls is aerated concrete.

Construction sites during the construction of walls often cannot do without ordinary general construction (ordinary) bricks. Ordinary brick There is an Ordinary brick of various brands, technical characteristics and, accordingly, they are distinguished by areas of application.

Dry building mixes are an integral part of any construction project. The range of dry building mixes on the pages of our site in the current section.

The roof is the crown of any structure. The choice of roofing materials, their characteristics, assortment on the current page.

When arranging fireplaces, barbecues and all kinds of stoves, refractory bricks cannot be dispensed with.