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Building materials in Lugansk at the best prices. The choice of wall building materials, dry mixes, paving slabs and much more.

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A section of the site that contains a list of goods and services offered by our company.

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A section containing useful materials for anyone who wants to build, reconstruct, repair.

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Картинка Материалы использующие при строительстве дома

A few words about us

The Onis SV company has been selling and distributing building materials since 2006.

We sell and offer facing bricks from various manufacturers Litos, Bassoon. Paving slabs vibropressed and vibrocast in assortment. Cinder block of different types and sizes.

Why choose us

Why did you choose us?

Professional approach to the client

Professional advice for each client. Non-standard methods and approaches to fulfilling orders.

Quality service

Selection of high quality materials. Timely delivery of materials to the construction site.

Warehouse program

Sufficient stocks of goods in the warehouses of the company, for the continuous supply of goods to our customers. Assortment of goods in stock.

The main section of the site is a catalog of goods.

15+ Years of supply in the building materials market

Uninterrupted supply of building materials to the construction sites of our customers. A wide range of services provided.

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News and promotions
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Новый цвет от Литос – Шварц Браун

Новый цвет от Литос – Шварц Браун
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There are many products on our website, but some products are particularly popular. You can see the full range of products in the catalog section.