Cement Amvrosievsky


Quality cement

Donetsk cement in an assortment of various high quality grades.

Cement Donetsk

The Amvrosievsky plant has developed and mastered the technology for the production of sulfate-resistant Portland cement, which is used in the construction of mines and hydraulic structures.

The first personnel cement workers were Mikhail Stakanov, Evsey Oboishchik, Alexander Zagryadin, Pantelei Zinchenko, Petr Khan, Mikhail Kireev. In different periods of life, Sergey Nikolaevich Krasheninnikov, Mikhail Ivanovich Karnaukhov, Grigory Mitrofanovich Baklanov, Ivan Konstantinovich Moroz, Nikolay Fedorovich Drepin, who later became major organizers of the cement industry in Ukraine, worked at the Amvrosiev cement plants. 2 Heroes of the Soviet Union worked here – Pedan Alexander Leontyevich and Danchenko Grigory Prokofievich. Amvrosievsky cement has won a strong leading position in the world market in terms of quality. It was in demand in many countries of Europe, Asia, Africa. After all, it is made from the best marl in Europe. In 1990, the first, and in 1993, the second slate line was put into operation.

Product range

  • Cement brand 400 (bag 25 kg.)
  • Cement brand 500 D 0 (bag 25 kg.)
  • Cement brand 500 D 20 (bag 50 kg.)

Packing cement in a bag. Packing 25 kg.

Storage of cement in a warehouse

Packaging of cement on pallets

Specifications and properties of cement

  • Cement brand: M 400 and M500
  • Package weight: 25 kg
  • Packing: Bag
  • Producer: Amvrosievsky cement plant

The main stages of the technological production line are:

  1. Extraction and processing of raw materials;

  2. Preparation of raw mix;

  3. Clinker firing;

  4. Cement grinding;

  5. Storage, warehousing and shipment of finished products.

The main raw materials for cement production are marl and chalk. In addition, at various stages of production, depending on the brand of cement, various additives are used, such as slag, tripoli, gypsum, pyrite cinders, etc. The enterprise is independently engaged in the extraction of the main raw materials – chalk and marl – in its own quarries. Mining operations are carried out in an open way. The development of minerals is carried out by excavators with preliminary loosening of the massif by the energy of the explosion.

Sludge is pre-grinded in hydrofol mills. Transportation of raw materials through the quarry is carried out by rail, from the quarry to production – by road and hydrotransport. JSC “Doncement”, like the majority of cement production in Ukraine, uses the “wet” method of cement production. Finished cement is transported by pumps to silos. Cement is shipped by rail and road. The company also sells cement packed according to European standards. At the request of customers, cement can be packed in a bag weighing from 10 to 50 kg, in a palletless container weighing from 0.5 to 1,950 tons. Also, on request, it is possible to pack cement in a flexible container of the “Big-Bag” type (0.5-1.5 tons).